Ironskull Castle

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Visit Ironskull Castle, the headquarters of Lady Raelle Ironskull, mercenary warlord turned magical arms dealer, mistress of Eldritch Arms. Potential adventure seeds:

  • Intervene in factional negotiations for weapons and magical devices
  • Mission-Impossible-style invasion and theft of exotic magic items
  • Is Lady Ironskull really planning to march forth with an undead army at her back? Stop her (or join her!)

An entire castle filled with nasty surprises, strange magic items, and detailed NPCs. Trouble never stops coming out of Ironskull Castle, and Lady Raelle can also be used as a long-term "Evil Overlord" that can spawn multiple follow-ups. By the way: She's read the Evil Overlord manual.

The last page of the adventure contains 42 print-them-yourself tokens for monsters and NPCs appearing in the adventure (in black-and-white).

This adventure is for use with Steve Jackson Games' The Fantasy Trip—In the Labyrinth, published under license by Gaming Ballistic, LLC.

The book is 16 pages, with black and white interior. The print version is printed on 128gsm/85# matte coated paper. Saddle-stitched (stapled) binding. The PDF is hyperlinked for your convenience.

Written by David L. Pulver