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Clowns Invade Munchkin!

Posted: November 18, 2018

For many circus-goers, the clowns are the best part of the show. They bring joy and laughter to people everywhere with their happy antics. Except those in Munchkin Clowns. Thanks to Len Peralta (who brought you Star Munchkin Guest Artist Edition and Munchkin The Guild), these clowns may give you nightmares. With cards like Big Red Shoes and Big Red Nose, and monsters such as Poundfoolish, Munchkin has never been more goofy. Order today at Warehouse 23!

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Goodbye, Kepler

November 18, 2018

NASA announced on October 30 that the Kepler space telescope has run out of fuel, ending a scientific mission that began in March 2009 and gained new life in 2014 after its . . . Read More

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