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Take No Prisoners! (Techno Prisoners?)

Posted: April 01, 2015

Fight against a mad computer's desire to capture humans in What Are The Prisoners of Rec-Loc-119?, an adventure for the classic Metamorphosis Alpha game. Our computers at Warehouse 23 are ready to help you download this. Trust us.

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With April Comes A Shower Of GURPS Excitement

April 01, 2015

What's that ominous sound getting closer . . . closer . . . closer? Don't look now, but more awesome GURPS releases are almost here. Very soon, we'll offer GURPS Zombies: Day . . . Read More

My First Big Writing Gig

March 31, 2015

Some of you know that, in addition to being Marketing Director for Steve Jackson Games, I do quite a lot of freelance writing and game design for other companies, . . . Read More

Car Wars Classic Will Return

March 30, 2015

Late last year we released a reprint of Car Wars Classic and sold through our print run within the first week. Thousands of games gone in less than a week? That was amazing and . . . Read More

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