Wizards and Gunslingers

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Fantasy meets the Wild West in this 200-page, stand-alone game of fantasy adventures in the frontier world of Westrue.

In Wizards & Gunslingers, Westrue is a land in which the laws are yet to be written. This is a place where might makes right and the quickest gun or the sharpest sword can make its wielder a god. From the hot deserts of the east to the strange unexplored forests of the west, the continent of Westrue offers adventurers the opportunity to battle powerful creatures, discover awesome weapons and magic, and make a name all at the same time in a world that smiles upon heroes and kicks dirt in the faces of those who fail.

Wizards & Gunslingers welcomes you to a world where gun-toting lawmen battle side-by-side with wizards and warriors in a desolate unexplored land newly discovered by humans. The place is called Westrue, and it's your duty to carve your niche however you see fit. So you want to be a gunfighter, a wizard, a thief? Do you want to be an evil villain or a hero who fights for right? Do you want to gamble and cause a ruckus while you make your fortune, or do you want to be a businessman who schemes and connives to become wealthy and powerful? Do you want to rob a train, blast open a bank, bring criminals to justice, or explore unmapped wilderness? Now you can. Do whatever you want in Wizards and Gunslingers.

Wizards & Gunslingers contains all you need for beginning your campaign, whether you are a player or a Game Master. Need weapons and magic? They live here. Need creatures and NPCs? They live here. Need realistic combat and an awesome skill system? They are here also. What if you get tired of the weapons, magic, NPCs, or creatures contained in the book? No problem. You can create your own with our built-in generators that enable you to let your imaginations soar. Whether you are looking for gaming scenarios, NPCs, creatures, magic, weapons, armor, or maps (plus much more), within this book you will find your prize. There exist no limits to what you can imagine.

Whether you be a wizard or a gunslinger, come to the land of Westrue for a world of adventure!

Written by Trevor Banister