Vintage Clipart: Fantasy Volume 2

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This book contains more than 20 vintage clipart images from a number of sources and which were originally or subsequently published between 1880 and 1921. All have been scanned at 600 dpi and are provided individually as grayscale JPEGs and, if appropriate, as color or black-and-white JPEGs or TIFFs as well. The purchaser of this collection is granted the non-exclusive rights to use these images in any commercial or personal projects they choose subject to the conditions of the included license.

An eye toward variety has been taken in compiling this collection, and it contains an assortment of styles and themes, including five sets of complementary images that could be used in conjunction with each other. Several images suitable for use as full-page or cover illustrations have also been included. Specific subjects covered include giants, wizards and witches, knights and soldiers, fairies, a watchtower, undead, weapons, armor, and penguins. There are also three graphics specifically designed for use at the end of a block of text.

Artists whose work appears in this book (along with the pages in the full version of the product catalog on which they appear and the stories or other items they were originally used to illustrate) include E.B. Bensell (pp. 6 bottom, 7-9, "The Magician's Daughter"), M. Paul LaCroix (pp. 2-5, 6 top, 10 middle, L'Armee Depuis le Moyen Age Jusqu'a la Revolution), V. Nehlig (p. 11, "King Canute"), Frank C. Papé (p. 14, Penguin Island), and Henry C. Pitz (p. 13, "Havelock the Dane"). The identities of a few of the artists whose work is presented in this collection are unknown and have been lost to the ages.

Written by Michael J. Varhola