The Munchkin's Guide To Power Gaming

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There are those who want to play, and those who want to WIN. Thewhiners who don't understand "power gaming" call these people "munchkins." Butwhat do we care?

In this outrageous satire, an experienced munchkin gleefully revealsthe tricks of the trade: everything from re-rolling an unfavorable result tobribing the GM. Learn how to get the most out of character design, and why itdoesn't really matter what your character's personality is as long as you getto FWACKOOM! the NPCs and grab their stuff. Munchkin GMs get their own chapter,of course: how to control the players, bend the rules, and up that bodycount!

Remember: If it's only a game, why do we keep score?

Written by James Grim Desborough / Steve Mortimer