The Bestiary of GOP, Grand Ol' Predators

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Sometimes a group of players may find themselves frustrated with the realworld's evils and incomprehensible follies. They may feel overcome withthe need to take out their frustrations on something truly nasty in agame.

No ambiguity.

No questions about motivation or objectives.

You learn about the evil.

You hunt down the evil.

You deal with the evil.

This is the reason for the creatures presented in The Bestiary of GOP,Grand Ol' Predators. The monsters herein are evil, pure and simple. Theywant power over others, to enforce their beliefs onto the masses, or tokill, rob, and steal from others to make themselves rich. They are justplain ol' evil predators and need to be dealt with for the betterment ofcivilization.

So, buckle on your armor, strap on your sword, and polish your nerves ofsteel. The time has come to save the land from the some of the downright,straightforward evil monsters plaguing it.

There's the Ron'Pol courtier demon, ready to take your soul and horde itaway, or the gingrich newt, a monster so toxic even its own mates becomesick in its presence. There's also the mitt, a race of greedy,self-interested double-dealers who will do whatever it takes to make somecoin, and the santorum, the remnants of a religious zealot who has comeback to serve its god beyond death (whether its deity wants it to or not.)

Although the inspiration behind the content must be accepted with tonguefirmly planted in cheek, the results are no joke. Each creature presentedherein represents a serious threat that can be employed in any legitimategame in its own right, without acknowledging the humor underlying theircreation.

This product is fully bookmarked and includes both a full color and aprint-friendly version.

Written by Steven Trustrum