Star System Reference: Spirit of the Brazen Dawn

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Carrying on the Star System Reference series this 16 (14 + 2) page title details a planet within a System of Special Scientific and Historic Interest. Spirit of the Brazen Dawn is one of two habited planets within the system, both of which were colonized by the same sub-light colony ship.

The PDFs enclosed detail the planet, its inhabitants, the main settlements, a map of the planet, details about the Twin Eagles system, and how to use the planet in adventures, along with other useful and interesting information including details about the popular sport of Non-Lethal Dueling, which has been exported out of the system by the Navy personnel who are based there.

Star System Reference
A series of short PDFs that focuses on detailing individual planets, space stations, cities, or other stellar objects of any importance from the mundane to the highly exotic. Each product can be easily fitted into any Sci-Fi setting; they can also be linked together to help create an entire galaxy for the players to explore.

Each title comes as three documents, each of which is designed to be easily broken down into sections and printed out to be handed to players as handouts without giving them the entire document.

This product is produced by Eternal Knot Games and is merely imprinted by Misfit Studios. All questions and comments regarding this product should be addressed to EKG.

Written by Kenneth Norris