Speed Character Creation

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We fully understand that designing point based characters can be time consuming. Games with classes usually require only a single decision to create a character - What class do you want to be? When the options are far greater, so is the time commitment. In an effort to get players and game masters into the game more quickly, we present Speed Character Creation! The whole point of this book is to get your gaming session off to the adventure as quickly as possible, but still help you create characters that are believable and have at least the skeleton of a history.

This is unquestionably a Legend Quest supplement, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot use the same ideas presented here in another game, either to help you craft quick character histories or to assign secondary skills. That’s not what it was built for, but then again, with a supplement this cheap, any help it offers should be worth the price.

This supplement contains:

  • 14 pages of content with minimal pictures and other wasted space
  • Optional Rules for character personal appearance

Written by John G. Josten