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Pocket Folders from the Eighties

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  • Contents
    One Pocket Folder

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG1155A
    Weight 0.1 lbs
  • Folders
  • Folder_01_illuminati
  • Folder_02_car_wars
  • Folder_03_illuminati_expansion_2
  • Folder_04_kung_fu_2100
  • Folder_05_battlesuit
  • Folder_06_aada_road_atlas_v5
  • Folder_07_aada_road_atlas_v6
  • Folder_08_necromancer
  • Folder_09_gev
  • Folder_10_raid_on_iran
  • Folder_11_space_gamer_ogre
  • Folder_12_metagaming_ogre

12 different 9-inch by 12-inch pocket folders featuring classic Steve Jackson Games artwork. Choose your favorite!