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Over the Edge: New Faces

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New Faces

This Adventure Resource for Over the Edge features the miniadventure New Faces, the hunt for a woman who vanished mysteriously after experimental plastic surgery; the description of the Agaras: a secret race of rat-people punished for ancient sins; and the Roentgen Operatives, a team of unconventional industrial operatives who may be friends, allies, enemies, pawns, heroes, or victims in your series.

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Giant Sewer Rats Devouring Crocodiles!

Three adventure resources for beginning GMs and players!

New Faces
A hunt for a missing woman leads to a terrifying encounter with the Proteus Club.

The Agaras
Remember Portia? This is her story.

Roentgen Operatives
A team of unconventional industrial operatives is on the island. Are they friends, allies, enemies, pawns, heroes, or victims? That's for you to decide.

Woman Vanishes! Nusbaum's Untested Treatment May Be Cause!

Over the Edge
Adventure Resources Feature:

  • Strangeness: Expect the unexpected.
  • New Ideas: More weird traits, fringe science, and disturbing characters to add to your series.
  • Flexibility: Twist and shape the adventure to suit your taste and the needs of your series!

Written by Jonathan Tweet.

Written by Jonathan Tweet