Over the Edge: It Waits...

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"It's Harmless..." the guy in the suit had said. Well, it may be harmless, but what about the big rats, the tiny mice, the psychic cats, the blood-sucking cockroaches, and whatever those things were that kept watching us?

It Waits... in a dump where the bubbling pools of toxic waste are the least of your worries. It Waits... in a place called Deadville, where even the Glorious Lords don't care to mess with the "locals." It Waits... in the dark and dangerous sewers under the Edge, where death can come with a roar or a whisper. It Waits... for you!

It Waits features:

  • Strangeness: An adventure only Doc Cross could write.
  • New Ideas: Several distinctly Al Amarjan plants, animals, and other living things, as well as a few new "interest groups."
  • Flexibility: Snare the PCs in any of several ways, then let them decide how to handle themselves.

Written by Doc Cross