One on One Compendium Two

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This second collection of ten 1 on 1 Adventures is now available in one tome — powered by the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game!

Nine of the adventures (12-20) are tailored for a single GM and player with a wide diversity of classes for play. Each of these nine comes with a pregenerated character. The tenth, 1 on 1 Adventures #11: Unbound Adventures, contains information on GM-less Pathfinder gaming!

Have you and your friends ever sat around the gaming table wanting an exciting, perilous dungeon adventure but no one wanted to be the Gamemaster? Do you want to get down into the dungeon as quickly as possible and start killing monsters and finding treasure? Then look no farther than "Unbound Adventures"!

In this rules supplement, players will find the information necessary for using the Pathfinder core rules without a Gamemaster. Players will form a party, find an adventure, travel to the dungeon (which will be generated for them as they explore), and fight the monsters they find there.

Written by Michael Allen / Tamas Baranya / Joseph Browning / Peter Franke / J Gray / Andrew Hind / Jeffrey Tadlock / Suzi Yee