Munchkin Tails

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  • Contents
    168 Cards, Rulesheet, and One Custom Six-Sided Die

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG1491
    UPC / ISBN 080742097131
    Player Count 3-6 players
    Play Time 1-2 hours
    Weight 1.5 lbs
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Munchkin has gone to the dogs . . . plus foxes, mice, and ponies!

Anthropomorphic animals have always been popular, from the beast-headed gods of Egypt to Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny today. Now you can bring them into the dungeon, fighting off opponents such as the Human Rights Activist, the Robot Vacuum, or even the feared Animal Control Enforcer. Use a Tail Flail or a Cone of Defiance as you work to be the first of your species to reach Level 10!

This set is perfect for new Munchkin fans but also blends perfectly well with original Munchkin or any other fantasy set.