Munchkin Steampunk Promo Pack W23!

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    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG5644
    UPC / ISBN 080742099265
    Weight 0.1 lbs

This great Munchkin Steampunk Promo Pack adds some great items to use in-game! Be one of the first in your group to grab these goggles and gears and other goods!

The pack includes two bookmarks:
The Official Munchkin Steampunk Bookmark of Reckless Re-Engineering!
The Official Munchkin Steampunk Girl Genius Bookmark of a Shower of Sparks!

And these five promo cards!:
Professor Tesla's Electrical Protective Device
. . . Seething With Unknown Energies
Curse! Steampunk'd!
Curse! Who Let the Cogs Out?
Indifference Engine