Munchkin Oz Guest Artist Edition

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    168 full-color cards, one six-sided die, 12 standies with plastic stands, a 20”x10” mounted gameboard, and a rulesheet.

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG1542
    UPC / ISBN 837654321522
    Player Count 3-6 Players
    Play Time 1-2 hours
    Weight 2.4 lbs
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Celebrate 15 years of Munchkin with special Guest Artist Editions!

Adventure with the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodsman! Brave the Poppy Fields or the Deadly Desert! Fight against a Wicked Witch or King Krewl! Visit the Emerald City and talk with Dorothy, Ozma, or the Cowardly Lion! Play a Professor, Royalty, Soldier . . . or even a Wizard! And be adorable while doing it!

Just when you thought the art in Munchkin Oz couldn't get cuter, Katie Cook takes a spin on the Yellow Brick Road from the books of L. Frank Baum!

About the Artist

Katie Cook has worked with Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, and many others. Cook has previously illustrated Munchkin Love Shark Baby, Munchkin Kittens, Munchkin Puppies, and Munchkin Cthulhu Guest Artist Edition.

For more information about the Munchkin Guest Artist Editions, please read the press release.