Master at Arms: Shatterskull Adept

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    Publisher Blackdirge Publishing
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The next installment of Blackdirge Publishing's Master at Arms series is here and ready to crack some skulls!

The shatterskull adept is a master of simple, heavy bludgeoning weapons, primarily the heavy mace and morningstar. He is an unsubtle and uncompromising warrior, and can deliver truly "bone-shattering" strikes with his chosen weapon. Like all Master at Arms classes, the shatterskull adept is a straightforward, 5-level prestige class for fighters looking to take weapon specialization to the next level. So give your fighter a reason to bust some heads with Blackdirge Publishing and the shatterskull adept.

Master at Arms - Shatterskull Adept contains 6 pages of new d20 material and features the following:

  • The 5 level shatterskull adept prestige class
  • Historical perspective on the heavy mace and morningstar
  • Author's design notes
  • Edrek Orcsunder, an iconic shatterskull adept NPC
  • Stunning art by Jesse Mohn

Written by Aeryn Rudel