Legends of Excalibur: Arthurian Campaign Guide

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Travel to a world of magic, nobility, and danger in RPGObjects' first ever d20 fantasy series, Legends of Excalibur: Arthurian Adventures. Check out the Legends of Excalibur homepage for more details on this series of supplements.

The Arthurian Campaign Guide is the second book in this exciting series. This book serves as the companion to the Knight's Handbook, giving the GM all the tools he needs to run a vivid, exciting campaign of Arthurian legend without a lot of work.

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Overview of content:

GM Hints
This section deals with all the big issues with running a game set in the world of Arthurian legend: evoking the right atmosphere, new rewards for players, and a guide to converting published adventures.

Statistical blocks for all the new core classes from the Knight's Handbook are given through 20 levels of experience, DMG style.

Magic Items
New special abilities for magic armor and weapons, tied to the Excalibur nobility and quest systems. Also in this section, full statistics and descriptions of the items Arthurian legends are famous for: Excalibur, the Round Table, the Holy Grail, and many more.

Guide to the Arthurian Age
An overview of Arthurian legend for the GM, with campaign tips for each of the three main eras of play: Rise of Arthur, One Brief Shining Moment, and Dream's End.

Guide to Arthurian Campaigns
This section is designed for one thing: make the GM's life easy. From numerous short quests, designed to take as little as an evening of play, to campaigns that could be the focus for months of game play, this section provides plot hooks, and numerous NPCs drawn straight from Arthurian legend to enhance the campaign and take away much of the grunt work.

A selection of new monsters, as well as give the GM tips on what monsters to include from published sources.

Written by Charles Rice / Chris Davis