Legend Quest - A Baker's Dozen Archetypes

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It's true -- Legend Quest characters are not the easiest characters to create for a game session. Legend Quest is not a one decision and done kind of a game; it is far more dynamic than that. Well, all those choices come with a penalty; it takes a little extra time. What's that? You don't want to take extra time?

Here are a Baker's Dozen archetypal characters. Nothing too wild, just some solid stock characters you can use. Just giving them to you as newbies seemed wrong, so we are showing each of the characters as a starting character (250 character points), with a little more experience (500 points), and at a higher power (750). This lets you see how some decisions in the beginning grow as the experience comes in.

This supplement contains:

  • 16 pages of content, including character building tips from the game's designer
  • 13 archetypal characters shown at three stages of experience (so that's 39 characters! plus options for each)

Written by John G. Josten