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Lands of Nevermore: Gazetteer

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Nevermore Gazetteer is a free supplement introducing the dreamscape, statted out for True20™. Within these 25 pages are: an overview of the history of Nevermore, a map and brief descriptions of the lands of Nevermore, and True20™ rules to play in Nevermore.

Nevermore is an ever-changing world where reason fades into myth and imagination. Featured in Green Ronin's True 20 Worlds of Adventure, it offers a plethora of possible and even improbable adventures for those who traverse its strange domains. Nevermore amplifies and accentuates, twists and skews; it is a place where nothing remains the same for long and all who walk its lands, fey or mortal alike, are changed forever.

Don't forget to check out Liber Artefactorum with new rules for creating supernatural items in True20™ and over 25 supernatural items of Nevermore. Also look for Lands of Nevermore, supplements that expand Nevermore's domains with more history, locations, organizations, adventure hooks, and rules.

Written by Joseph Miller