Kobold Quarterly Magazine #06

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Kobold Quarterly Magazine #6

Bloody No. 6! Kobold Quarterly gets its hands dirty, with nasty blood magic, tieflings, and the dark side of everything!

  • The Truth About Tieflings by David "Zeb" Cook
  • Ecology of the Phantom Fungus by Scott Gable
  • True Paladins by Richard Pett
  • Retreat into the East Monte Cook
  • Crab Diviners of Zobeck by Joshua Stevens
  • Knights and Pawns by David Schwartz
  • Ask the Kobold: Q&A by Skip Williams
  • Secret Messages by Tim Connors
  • Blood Magic by Phillip Larwood
  • Ioun Stones by Jonathan Drain
  • The Alchemist's Lair by Darrin Drader and Sean MacDonald
  • The Clockwork Oracle by Wolfgang Baur
  • Plus cartoons, book reviews, and much more!

Written by Phillip Larwood / David Schwartz / Tim Connors / Richard Pett / Skip Williams / Jonathan Drain / Scott Gable / Joshua Stevens / David Cook / Darrin Drader / Sean MacDonald