Junkyard Wars

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The Mech-bot turned the corner of the huge pile of old tires and office supplies to find a scene of carnage. Strewn about the ground were the bits and pieces of several bots; yellow and blue painted metal parts laying smoking after a recent battle. One bot, though, was still active - a blue battle bot who's directional antenna had been damaged in the brawl. Now this mighty war machine could only spin in slow turns to the left. Hours of driving in circles over and over again had formed a donut shaped groove in the hard-packed dirt of the junkyard where the damaged bot continued its curved journey.

The Mech-bot sighed (well, as much as a mechanical robot can sigh, that is); this was the third time this week that the Motherboard had sent him out seeking to repair some damaged battle bot. If the stupid warrior bots would just stop getting themselves shot at so much, the Mech would not have to repair them so often. Of course, the factory was at war with the yellow bots across the junkyard and had been ever since the two factories had ganged up on the red bots. The alliance held for two days after that victory over those red devils, then the treacherous yellows had launched a secret raid on the blue's Chopper parts. Parts that it had won as spoils of victory over the reds.

With another sigh the Mech began to work on the battle bot, all the while thinking that this was its fate: war and repairing the damaged bots who fought that war, a war that would never end.

Junkyard Wars is a tactical game of battle and resource gathering where players take on the role of a robotic factory and the Bots that it manufactures to act as its slaves.

The game consists of players trying to out maneuver their foes, while at the same time trying to gather the resources that are required to upgrade their Bot slaves and to achieve total victory over their foes. Nothing short of the destruction of the enemy factory will see you winning the game, so play smart and be ruthless in your machine like drive to survive!

Written by Robert Hemminger