Infinite Mysteries

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The existence or nonexistence of the supernatural is a point of debate in modern science. In science fiction the debate is far from academic. In some Sci-fi supernatural abilities are not only real, but deadly. In other settings, the supernatural is nothing but, crackpot ramblings, con jobs and parlor tricks which are exposed for what they are by heroic investigators.

This expansion to the Infinite Futures game system allows GM and players to bring magic and the arcane powers into their Sci-fi games. Magic while common to fantasy genres, is just beginning to take a foothold in sci-fi. Japanese Manga, Star Wars Jedi Knight and other fantasy elements are becoming more and more common in Sci-fi and so it is not unheard of for RPGs to take a little magic into consideration.

The rules offered here are meant to be optional expansion to those presented in the core IF book, and work along side the psychic system outlined in the core system.

Written by Ramsey Lundock / Robert Hemminger / Sean Wilt