GURPS Classic: Ultra-Tech 2

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Hard-Core Hardware

GURPS Ultra-Tech 2 features 128 pages of new gadgets and technologies for use with GURPS Space, GURPS Supers, and GURPS Cyberpunk campaigns. Inside you'll find:

Deadly new weapons - from Gatling carbines and Gauss shotguns to squirt pistols and killer nanomachines. Also included are extra options for existing weapons: folding stocks, power cartridges, chemical lasers, electrothermal guns, and more!

Cybernetics redux - all the gadgets from GURPS Cyberpunk and a lot more, from eyestalk tentacles and intestinal recyclers, to cranial guns and back-up brain! Rules for implanting cybernetics in aliens and pets also are included.

A panoply of protection - clamshell cuirasses, transparent bioplas, alternative force screens, tailored armor, guardian nanomachines, and more.

New computer systems - including datacloth, parallel computers, gestalt computers, and virtual realities.

Exotic medicine - discover medical nanotechnology and lots of new wonder drugs.

Game Master guidelines - instructions for alternative technology paths, raygun control, and limiting powerful ultra-tech.

And lots of other gadgets! Dream nets, buzz fabric, suitcase labs, nanofactories . . . new equipment covering mundane and exotic inventions from TL8 to TL16.

Written by David L. Pulver