GURPS Classic: Space Adventures

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Alien Assault!

Strange alien races . . . space battles . . . shadowy criminal contacts . . . paramilitary paramedics? Here are three intricate, exciting, and deadly quests -- from David Pulver's puzzling and sinister Rebirth to the hilarious Beware the Health Police (by the co-author of GURPS Space, William Barton). They are designed for use with the award-winning GURPS Space background, but can be used in any interstellar roleplaying campaign.

Also included:

  • Complete game statistics for a new alien race -- the menacing and inscrutable Shylari.
  • Adventure seeds -- so you can continue where the quests leave off.
  • Suggestions for using these adventures with the GURPS Space Atlas series or with your own campaign.
  • And much, much more . . .

Written by David L. Pulver / William Barton / Thomas S. Gressman