GURPS Classic: Martial Arts Adventures

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Pure Mind. Calm Soul.
Hands of Steel!

The indomitable martial artist is unique among adventurers. He does not rely on the trappings of technology, nor does he hide behind bullet-proof vests or high-powered rifles. He defends himself with his hands, feet, and soul. His confidence grows from his mastery, and honor and courage are his guides.

This book contains three ready-to-play scenarios for adventurous masters of martial arts. Inside you'll find:

Pawns of the CloneMaster. Chris McCubbin skillfully adapts the now-legendary game Kung Fu: 2100 to the GURPS milieu. Invade the villainous CloneMaster's mansion with your highly skilled Terminators. Destroy the despot's computer systems and clone banks before the sinister Jellies and gun-wielding technicians can decimate your forces. And above all, beware the Clone Master!

Dark Arena. From the author of GURPS Martial Arts, C.J. Carella, comes a cinematic adventure in the tradition of late-night karate movies. Famous martial artists are being abducted by a scheming millionaire to participate in a highly illegal full-contact tournament . . . to the death! The PCs are caught in the middle as they fly to a secret hideout in mainland China, where the perils of the dark arena await . . .

Written by Chris W. McCubbin / C. J. Carella / Stephen Dedman