Forbidden Monsters of Foree: Wan-Ti Snakemen (Cardstock Characters)

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Behold the strange and terrible world of Foree!

Awful and nonsensical are the rules of this inhospitable new world, where wizards alone reserve the right to utter the names of certain monsters. But we have dared to mention here the name of one of these fell creatures, the Wan-Ti Snakemen, and to present its fearful likenesses for your consideration.

Although used to populate the world of Foree with no acknowledgement to their true creators, the Wan-Ti are in reality the shadowy and sinister snakemen of H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and other masters of dark fantasy. Dwelling in jungles, ruins, and subterranean vaults, sometimes directing the activities of insane cultists and minions, these ancient and ominous creatures wield powerful poisons and magicks in their ongoing attempts to suborn, manipulate, and corrupt humanity. They are the children of Set, and their brethren lurk in the shadows of Asian, Indian, Egyptian, and Central and South American folklore and mythology.

This set of 20 full-color paper miniatures is designed to be compatible with other 25/30mm figures and contains 16 different creatures, 12 of them scaled to be approximately man-sized and four of them scaled as both somewhat larger than man-sized and as giant-sized creatures. All can be printed out and assembled as many times as desired.

Miniatures in this set include:

  • Five snake-tongued Cultists, humans tainted with Wan-Ti blood, including two incanters, two warriors, and a rogue.
  • Seven Wan-Ti hybrids, humanoids with serpentine heads and reptilian skin, including two spellcasters, four warriors, and a rogue/assassin.
  • Four different snake-bodied Wan-Ti abominations, each scaled for use as both Large and Huge creatures.

Forbidden Monsters of Foree: Wan-Ti Snakemen is part of Skirmisher's Cardstock Characters line of figures that can be downloaded, printed out, and used in a variety of different sorts of games. Other currently-available sets include ones for use with Mutant Future and other post-apocalyptic and science-fiction games; anthropomorphic ducks and pigs inspired by the Quactica wargaming rules; and the MILFs series of sexed-up monsters that you would just love to be able to roll d20 to hit!

Ka-nama ka langerama! We hope you enjoy both these Wan-Ti Snakemen and Skirmisher's other Cardstock Characters!

Written by Alejandro Melchor