Dungeon Crawl Classics #30.5: Trek from the Vault

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An Adventure For Character Levels 9-11

Remember the good old days, when adventures were underground, NPCs were there to be killed, and the finale of every dungeon was the dragon on the 20th level? Those days are back. Dungeon Crawl Classics don't waste your time with long-winded speeches, weird campaign settings, or NPCs who aren't meant to be killed. Each adventure is 100% good, solid dungeon crawl, with the monsters you know, the traps you fear, and the secret doors you know are there somewhere.

Trek from the Vault is the thrilling sequel to DCC #30: Vault of the Dragon Kings. The scenario is intended to be played as a continuation of Vault of the Dragon Kings, using the same four pre-generated characters the party used in the levels above. Otherwise, this adventure is best suited for a party of 4-6 characters around 10th level. All classes will find this a suitable challenge, worthy of those who braved the perils of the Vault in the first place. The characters can begin Trek from the Vault immediately after the resolution of the final encounter against the mad silver dragon Myrkjartan in the Pool of Dreams from Vault of the Dragon Kings, or this can be played as a standalone adventure.

Written by Jason Little