d1000 Pockets

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Pockets ... as in "What has it got in it's ..."

Whether you're running an urban campaign and your player(s) want to pick some pockets, or you're running a dungeon crawl and your players want to rummage around in the enemy's stuff, coming up with little treasures can be a pain. Sure, there are all sorts of random charts out there, but those d100 charts get pretty boring pretty quick. What you need is something bigger!

This is a d1000 book. (Yep! That's d1,000!) Not only will 1,000 random treasures make it less likely that your players will see the same thing over and over again, but the charts include alternate options in case something seems too repetitive or simply feels wrong for the moment.

You want your random charts big, and you want them fast! This is what you need!

This supplement contains over 1,100 choices arrayed on a d1000 table. (Extras are due to alternates scattered throughout.) Each item is something reasonably small that could be found in a pocket or a belt pouch. Rather than waste table space on loose change, we added a chart for that in the appendices. This is 37 pages of content! Works with any fantasy role-playing system.