Colonial Gothic: The Ross-Allen Letters

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Something is afoot.

Lurking between these two covers are a collection of correspondences of the most disturbing of nature. What is this mystery, and what ramifications does the discovery of it hold?

The Ross-Allen Letters is a new style of supplement for Colonial Gothic. You can take these letters has a work of fiction. You can use them as hooks to an adventure, you can also use them as examples of a collaborative storytelling session. Are you ready to discover a mystery lurking in the shadows?

Written by Jennifer Brozek & Dylan Birtolo, and an introduction by Graeme Davis, The Ross-Allen Letters is a mystery set in the world of Colonial Gothic, and deals with something which lurks in the shadows. Use the letters as a prop. Use them as a springboard for adventures, or simply enjoy them as a great tale.

Written by Jennifer Brozek / Dylan Birtolo