Captain's Log #42 Supplement

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This 32-page booklet includes interesting and useful information about the main Captain's Log #42 issue, as well as new materials.

Included are:

  • Three pages of designer's notes.
  • Deleted scenes from one story in Captain's Log #42, and a sequel to a story in an earlier issue.
  • After-action reports.
  • Three pages of Federation Commander Omega playtest rules (along with two new Omega ships: Mæsron Alliance Frigate and Iridani Questors Caravel-B).
  • Two more pages of tactics about gunboats fighting an eel.
  • Four more battlegroups.
  • Federation & Empire Hurricane designer notes.
  • Three pages of Federation & Empire playtest rules for ISC War.
  • Four new Star Fleet Battles SSDs from Early Years simulator empires: Barbarian, Deltan, Britanian, and Hispaniolan Early heavy cruisers.
  • Three new Federation Commander pinwheel ship cards.
  • Two new ships for Starmada: Klingon D7D battlecruiser and Orion Medium Raider.