Captain's Log #20

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This June 2000 issue was inspired by a piece of cover art that Andy Goodwin submitted. We liked it so much that we had a contest to write a story to match it, and printed the best three stories. It was 112 pages long.

HISTORY included the three stories (and nothing else; the stories took up 21 pages).

COMMUNICATIONS continued as a department. This included conventions, tournaments, awards, After Action, Command the Future, Dirty Little Secrets of Mail Order, Input Guide, Proposals Board, Why, Ten Questions, and Ask Ketrick. (Some of these were elements that moved to Database in later issues.)

VENUES included Star Fleet Warlord, Play by Email, SFB On Line, Galactic Conquest, and Star Fleet Command.

DATABASE remained the place for new SFB material, including articles on the Omega Sector, Shipyard Report, the Uthicki (a new Magellanic empire), Battle Force 600, an example of black hole movement, new stuff for Prime Directive, Brothers of the Anarchist, and Murphy's Laws of SFB.

SCENARIOS include five new ones (SL178-SL182).

TACTICS included Victory on Line and several pages of Term papers.

FEDERATION & EMPIRE included news about the upcoming Advanced Operations, Rules & Rulings, another look at SIDS, Marine Assault, the War Plans File, Tactical Notes, Economic Notes, and the first draft of Depot Level Repair.

NEW SHIPS for SFB included four for Omega, six Magellanics, Klingon ships for the Middle Years, and Kzinti light cruiser variants.

Written by Stephen Cole