Captain's Log #14

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This 1994 issue is 80 pages long.

HISTORY includes Betrayal at Oxvind V (Romulans try to negotiate a ceasefire with the Federation and the Klingons prevent it) and Footnotes of History.

DATABASE (which is now the Communications section) includes a play aid for particle cannons, Conventions and rated aces, building a better Captain's Log, Staff Awards, Input Guide, Command the Future, Why, Proposals Board, Kommodore Ketrick, Example of tractor auctions, Ten questions, and a Tri-video guide.

UNIVERSE (which later became Venues) includes articles on Prime Directive, Star Fleet Warlord, and Star Fleet Missions.

SCENARIOS include six new ones: Nerves of Steel, Sharks, Rally Point Red, Prevent Defense, Enemy of My Enemy, Starbase Sanguinax.

TACTICS include the Seltorian Seminar, Term Papers, Victory at Gencon 93, and Ask Uncle Ardak.

A special feature is the SFB Rules Cross Index.

FEDERATION & EMPIRE includes Q&A, Tactical Notes, Alliance Strategies, Commentaries on DF&E, Tholian Gambit Scenario, and reference cards for the Klingons and Lyrans.

NEW SHIPS include the Klingon G2C and F5W and the Kzinti DWV and FCR.

Written by Stephen Cole