Autoduel Champions W23!

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    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
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    UPC / ISBN 080742098480
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Autoduel Champions is one supplement for two great games. You don't need both games to play – it works with either one! Champions players can now add autoduelling and vehicular combat . . . for a campaign in 1920s Chicago, the present, or the dog-eat-dog Car Wars world of 2033. And Car Wars players can add supers to their campaigns! Complete helicopter rules are also included.

Autoduel Champions was first published in 1984 and was reprinted in conjunction with our Pocket Box project. The rules, therefore, are from 1984; this book is not current with more modern rules.

WARNING: This is not a complete game. To use the Champions rules, you need the Hero System from Hero Games. To use the Car Wars rules, you need the Car Wars Pocket Box. Truck Stop, Crash City, and other Car Wars titles will also be useful but are not required.