Advanced Adventures #37: Under Ruined Onm

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Advanced Adventures #37: Under Ruined Onm is an OSRIC(tm) module designed for 6-10 adventurers of levels 5-7.

Nearly seventy-five years ago, the greatest bard ever known in the dry land of Zanzia disappeared. Anton Deangelo was a hero famous for some of the greatest songs in Zanzian history. In verse, countless dragons he slew, dozens of giants he felled, and hundreds of demons he put to the sword! Outside of the world of song, he and his band of adventurers gathered significant riches and looted many dungeons all over the land. Then suddenly . . . he was gone. The last time he was heard from, he and his merry band were outfitting an expedition to explore the ruined city of Onm in search of the lost Mandolin of Duaree the Mad.

The Onm ruins are on the edge of the Blood River and the Dragon Teeth Mountains, and no other ruins fabled enough to attract Deangelo are known to be in that area.

If you enjoy this adventure, look for future releases in the Advanced Adventures line from Expeditious Retreat Press.

Written by Joseph A. Mohr