A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Reinforcements One

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"Captain, reinforcements have just shown up on our sensors!"

Need more ships for your preferred fleet? Want to add different fleets? Or are you looking for new foes? Then A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Reinforcements One is for you! There are more ships for empires you enjoyed in earlier volumes: Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Kzintis, Gorns, Orion Pirates, Tholians, and Seltorians. The WYNs that were previewed in Book 2 now have a full-scale fleet you can use. We introduce the Frax, a simulator empire designed by the Klingons to provide an opponent for their officers going through their version of Star Fleet Academy. Remember the Juggernaut from Book Two? There is a whole fleet from the Juggernaut Empire! This unknown enemy from a faraway galaxy periodically sends ships marauding across the Alpha Octant. There is a new monster for your fleets to defeat: the deadly space tarantula. There are more civilian ships to protect and a fleet repair dock to fix those damaged ships.

New types of ships include advanced technology X-ships that add more power to your fleets. War dreadnoughts add depth to a squadron. The Juggernauts add a Shriek Missile. X-ships can carry new versions of plasma torpedoes. The new trait X-Ship gives those ships powerful advantages. Of course, there are rules for X-ships. There are seven new scenarios. One scenario is based on a story that appeared in a Captain's Log; we added it to this book. Finally, there is a consolidated index to all three books.

Reinforcements One has all the rules and information you need to play the game when combined with Book 1.2 and Book Two. Please note that you must have Book 1.2 to play this game. Some of the material assumes you have the expansion Book Two.

This is the early bird edition. We will update the PDF when we are sure any issues are resolved.