GURPS High-Tech: Pulp Guns, Volume 1W23!

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During the iconic years of the pulp era -- the Roaring Twenties and the Thrilling Thirties -- action stories featured hard-boiled detectives and beautiful dames, investigators of the supernatural, masked vigilantes, and cliffhanging adventurers. No matter their opponent, setting, or genre, they all carried heaters, rods, or gats.

High-Tech: Pulp Guns, Volume 1 catalogs the handguns, shotguns, and submachine guns common to the two-fisted heroes and fiendish villains of the day. Outfit gangsters and G-men, big-game hunters and brutal henchmen with pistols, shotguns, and even the infamous "Tommy Gun." Arm your adventurers for Cliffhangers campaigns, Horror games, or even Prohibition era Supers and Mysteries!