GURPS Classic: Swashbucklers

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Adventure in a World of Gallantry & Grace

Come to the age of the Swashbuckler, when the world was wide and fortunes could be made in an afternoon of smoking cannons and bloody cutlasses!

Swing from a chandelier into the fray, rapier in hand, dagger in teeth, and show the Cardinal's guards they can't insult the queen!

Or wait on the quiet back roads of England on a moonless night, pistols and reins in your hands, and hope the Squire's coach isn't too well guarded . . .

Pirates, Musketeers and Highwaymen all come alive in this GURPS worldbook of romantic adventure from Elizabeth I to Napoleon. Rules and backgrounds include: ship combat, black powder weapons, expanded fencing rules, cutlasses, chandeliers, codes of honor, duelling, compulsive gambling, and all the other classic elements of a good swashbuckling time!

This book is intended for use with the GURPS Basic Set, Third Edition, but can be used as a sourcebook for any roleplaying game.

NOTE: This PDF was built from the electronic files of the last printed edition of GURPS Swashbucklers. All known errata were fixed in the making of this edition.