GURPS Traveller Classic: First In

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Exploration and Contact Among the Stars

Beyond the borders of the Third Imperium, the Interstellar Scout Service seeks out strange new worlds! A Scout has to be ready for anything . . . or die. This book describes the Scouts' organization, equipment, starships (with deck plans including the Express Boat, Donosev-class Survey Scout, Khadumir-class Fast Courier, and Purcell-class Express Boat Tender) and typical missions. To make running a Scouts campaign easy, it also details the whole process of exploration, from the initial sighting of a new star system to the integration of a world into the Imperium.

First In includes a world-building sequence based on the most recent scientific discoveries. Game Masters can now design realistic star systems, worlds and civilizations. The system can be used for GURPS Traveller, or easily adapted to any other science-fiction RPG.

(This is a digital reprint of a GURPS Third Edition product.)

Written by Jon F. Zeigler