GURPS Klingons

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Updated for GURPS 4th Edition. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Empire of Steel.

  • Government
  • How the emperor is selected
  • Why there are always three princes
  • Why the empress is not always the wife of the emperor but sometimes his daughter or sister
  • The military nobility, military academies
  • The difference between warriors and civilians
  • The warrior colonies
  • Military ranks and promotion
  • Military awards and decorations
  • The Knights Paladins (the emperor's personal inspectors and auditors)
  • Klingon religions (you thought that 30 billion Klingons all went to the same church?)
  • The intelligence services that spend most of their time spying on each other
  • Data on dozens of Klingon ships
  • And much more.

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Written by Stephen Cole