Zero-G, Set 3, Mini-Game #80

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Smith listened to the screams of his squad mates as the Hive swarm overran their position. "Damn stinking critters ain't going to get me," he swore, standing up out of his foxhole and unloading his laser rifle into the oncoming hoard of nightmarish creatures. Just then, Smith watched as something bloated and terrible floated up over the hill to his right. Before the Terran marine could turn to fire his weapon, the Thought Eater devoured his mind, sending the corpse falling into the teeth and claws of the swarm as it moved over his position.

This is Zero-G, a Mini-Game from Avalon Games. Taking the S&G skirmish game system and applying it to our Battle Armor universe, you have a great game of aliens, space pirate and federation star marshals. Can your small squad of Terrain marshals bring down yet another band of star pirates, or will aliens and raiders rule the fringe of space? This and other sets within the Zero-G genre will expand the Battle Armor universe and bring even more fun to your table top games and S&G battles.

Written by Robert Hemminger