vs. Outlaws

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Howdy, Pardner!

"He was a hard-bodied man, somewhat above medium height, darkened by the sun and winds of many dim trails. The scabbard at his right hip hung low, and the butt that jutted from it was worn smooth from much handling. Something in the man's steely gaze set him apart from the general run of cowboys who rode up the trail in increasing hordes."
- Robert E. Howard, Gunman's Debt

vs. Outlaws is the mini-RPG of adventure in the Old West the way we think we remember it, where tough hombres dispense two-fisted justice with both barrels blazin'.

Before doin' anythin' you need to familiarize yourself wih the rules (it won't take lon', especially if you're a player.) Once you've done that you can call up the posse and make sure they have the followin': pencils, paper, a deck of ordinary playin' cards. That's it; time to saddle up!

vs. Outlaws is for experienced roleplayers.

Written by Michael Hammers and Philip Reed.

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