Venture - Paper Models and Miniatures

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    Publisher 01 Games
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This product contains a gorgeous set of paper models and miniatures found in Venture fantasy tabletop game. The miniatures and the models can be easily used in any fantasy RPG game.

  • Paper Models: A set of beautiful and easy-to-build paper models which will give it the third dimension and will make your game to look awesome. The paper models include doors open, doors closed, shrine, tables, bookshelves, tombs and chests.
  • Paper Miniatures: A set of twelve different paper miniatures will add depth to the game including 1 fighter, 1 wizard, 1 barbarian, 1 thief , 14 kobolds, 14 Orcs, 14 Skeletons, 14 Zombie, 14 Ogre, 1 Evil Mage, 1 Death Knight, 1 Chaos Fighter.
    Please Read Before Buy:
  • Buy this product if you bought Venture, The Travelmate Edition. If you bought the standard edition of the game you don't need this product.
  • This product comes as a group of PDF files, you must print them and build before using the miniatures and paper models.
  • Written by Mario Barbati