Veggie Patch

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Welcome to The Veggie Patch. As you can guess, this isn't your normal role-playing game. Players aren't powerful wizards, out to discover the secrets of the universe. They aren't highly trained spies, trying to save the world, nor do they fly around the galaxy in a space ship. They aren't even your typical hero, off saving damsels in distress.

They're vegetables.

No, that isn't a typo. Vegetables. The things that grow in the garden, and that most of us eat on a regular basis. To be fair, they aren't normal vegetables. They are the result of a magical experiment gone wrong. Just like regular people they can think, move, talk and get into trouble. Lots of trouble.

Between protecting The Patch from attacks by the Weed tribes, and stopping the Brassica in their plans to enslave the Veggies and take over the garden, the players are going to have a very busy time!

The Veggie Patch uses a simple 2d6 system for play. All the rules you need to play the game are included. A short demo of The Veggie Patch is available.

Written by Jason Anderson