Unusual Core Classes: The Spellweaver

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Unusual Core Classes: The Spellweaver presents an alternate magic system that relies on the caster’s skill more so than just about anything else. Using the new Spellweaving skill, the Spellweaver is able to manipulate the threads of magic that cover existence like an infinite web of arcane energy. Spells of any level may be cast so long as the character is willing to risk the repercussions of failure, repercussions that can prove to be more hazardous with more powerful spells or when failing magic of a particular type.

Inside you’ll find instructions on how to integrate this new form of magic into your game setting, or how to replace the existing magic system outright, along with simple rules—presented in easy-to-read tables—on converting third party spells to Spellweaving DCs. Also within are . . .

  • All SRD spells converted to Spellweaving DC to save you lots of time
  • More than 30 new feats concerning this new magic system
  • The Spellweaver Core Class, along with the Epic Spellweaver
  • 4 Spellweaving-related Prestige Classes: the Battle Weaver, Cartomancer, Fated, and Weave Dancer
  • A new race of natural spellweavers, the spider-like Ardekh
  • A new Spellweaving-based goddess, a new cleric domain, new spells, and new magic items related to Spellweaving
  • 4 new creatures and a new creature template

The time has come to break the mold and put spell slots aside.

This product includes a complete, fully bookmarked versions and a more print-friendly version with backgrounds and cover removed.

Written by Steven Trustrum