Untapped Classes: Soulbinder

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Where a society mind focuses on supporting those in his worldthought network, a soulbinder chooses to harness the power of the unwilling to make himself stronger. By focusing his studies on his soulbinding gaze, a soulbinder learns to borrow abilities or even directly control those forced into his network.

The Soulbinder is a ten-level Prestige Class that takes the Society Mind's soulbinding gaze class feature and explores the different uses such an ability can really have. Included in this six page document is the entire class write-up as well as a fully documented iconic soulbinder, complete with background, appearance, equipment, and statistics.

Untapped Classes: Soulbinder builds off the society mind base class released for free in Dreamscarred Press's Untapped Classes: Society Mind.

Written by Jeremy Smith