Untapped Classes: Complete Marksman

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Since the creation of 3.5 psionics, there has been a lack of a true ranged combatant: a full base attack, ranged attack-focused base class. Enter the marksman. Offering three different styles of ranged combat (bow, crossbow, and thrown weapon), the marksman can specialize in a variety of ranged attacks, or choose a single signature style and exclusively become a master of that style. Included in this 38 page book you will find the marksman base class, new marksman feats, including mantra feats and epic feats, new marksman powers, three marksman prestige classes, and marksman-oriented psionic items.

This document is a compilation of the marksman content in Untapped Potential: New Horizons in Psionics, Untapped Classes: Lightning Strike Virtuoso, Untapped Classes: Shooting Star Adept, and Untapped Classes: Talon of the Thrush, with several new feats included, as well. All new material will be made available as a web enhancement at the Dreamscarred Press website for those who have already purchased the above products.

Written by Jeremy Smith / Brian Dupuis / Michel Fiallo-Perez / Greg Jacob