Unknown Armies: Lawyers, Guns & Money

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The New Inquisition Sourcebook

What do you get for the man who has everything?

How about his own clandestine network of tricked-out magick-workers, cold-blooded psycho-killers, and that guy you knew in third grade who did trigonometry with frog's legs and always smelled like broccoli? Eccentric billionaire Alex Abel hired them, gave them new identities, and sent them into the occult underground to stir up trouble. If trouble is your middle name, The New Inquisition wants YOU! This Unknown Armies sourcebook covers UA's biggest cabal like a snitch jacket: history, structure, high-tech equipment, magickal gear, sample agents, intelligence dossiers, secrets Alex Abel doesn't want you to know, and two missions that will smear your face across the walls of infinity if you aren't smarter, tougher, and weirder than the next guy.

Psych up, punk, and get ready to get dangerous.

This product is recommended for mature readers only.