Underground: Hell Bent

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Barstow, CA - An unknown assailant fired a rocket at motorists on Interstate 15 early this morning, killing 11 and injuring countless others. Sources say the assailant fired a Fuzzbuster anti-tank rocket into a trailer truck. The truck, which was headed for TRU Entertainment, Inc., in Upper Hollywood, was loaded with propane. The attack set off an explosion that lit up the sky for 40 miles and leveled a mile-long section of I-15. At Barstow City Hall, Police Chief Randall Barron told reporters the death toll could climb to 30 by day's end. "I haven't seen anything this gruesome since 2016," Barron said. "It looks like ground zero in San Luis Obispo. You expect this sort of thing in LA, but not out here . . . at least, not often." The California State Patrol has closed I-15 from Baker to Barstow pending investigation and clean-up efforts. TRU officials were unavailable for comment, although reliable sources have stated they are aware of no known tie between the terrorist attack and their company.


Los Angeles - TRU, Inc., executives denied allegations today that they hired "boosted veterans" to correct an inhouse security problem. The problem occurred at TRU's Devil's Anvil Test Facility, a classified research facility in the desert near Barstow, CA. The allegations were made this afternoon by the office of California Governor, Clarence Brown. Pat Hearst, Brown's Press Secretary, claims their office learned of the allegations from the LA office of the FBI during their investigation of the I-15 terrorist incident. According to Hearst, agents were investigating ties between TRU and the I-15 attack. During their investigation, agents were engaged in a firefight with mercenary vets allegedly trailing the I-15 terrorist. The evidence, Hearst claims, comes from descrambled videophone broadcasts via CalSat5. In a video press release issued this afternoon, TRU CEO, Akaia Mirasachi, said there is "no truth whatsoever" to Hearst's allegations. Mirasachi assured the public TRU, Inc., was not involved in the terrorist attack. Mirasachi refused further comment on the subject.

  • Action: Hell Bent is nonstop thrills from beginning to end.
  • Adventure: The PCs are asked to perform a freelance job for TRU Entertainment, Inc. -- a job that involves taking out a few test subjects who've gone berserk in TRU's desert test facility.
  • Conflict:The PCs match boosted vets with a distinct advantage: big guns and VIRA, a virtual reality battlefield aid.
  • Fun: Besides gratuitous combat, Hell Bent offers lots of player involvement and investigative roleplaying.
  • Simplicity: Hell Bent is the perfect introductory adventure for Mayfair's Underground

You must own Underground to play this adventure.

Written by Robin Jenkins.