Treasure Trove #1: SpirosBlaak Arsenal

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Are your characters still stuck bringing swords to gunfights?

This book expands upon the black powder weapons and rules found in the core setting book, SpirosBlaak. Among other things, this book includes:

    • Over 20 new feats involving black powder-level technology
    • Rules for using black powder weapons
    • Over 50 black powder firearms and lots of cannons, medieval mortars, rockets, organ guns, and more
    • Black powder-related magical items and new magical item weapon qualities
    • The technologist core class, and the artillery adept, grenadier, marksman, and pistoleer PrCs
    • At no additional cost, the short story "Blood of the Clan" that was cut from the original book because of space considerations.
    • . . . and plenty more

Although the book's flavor is geared towards the SpirosBlaak setting, its information fits into any d20 setting with no effort.

If you want black powder weapons in your d20 fantasy games, this is THE product to own.

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Written by Steven Trustrum