Tomes of Adventure, Bloodworm Bog

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Bloodworm Bog is a dangerous and terrifying place, home to outlaws and savage swamp dwellers. Nasty creatures lurk in the muddy waters while ghosts stalk mortal folk from the shadows. Legends and rumors surround the bog and the many souls who where lost to its depths.

This book is a non-linear adventure for fans of Dungeons and Dragons 4E. The DM can transplant Bloodworm Bog into any preexisting campaign world or homebrew setting. The adventure contains setting information, plot hooks, quests, new monsters, NPCs, and everything else the DM should need to run adventures in this the area. The work also provides plenty of room for the DM to expand on what is written by including places to put original dungeons.

Bloodworm Bog is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS adventure for characters of 1st to 3rd level.

Look for other Avalon Game's 4th Edition Adventure Series, Tomes of Adventure, they are sure to send your players screaming with delight.

Written by David Caffee